Ball Spike - Micro
Ball Spike - Micro
Ball Spike - Micro
Ball Spike - Micro

Ball Spike - Micro

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Ball Spike - MICRO

These MICRO ball spikes were inspired by larger versions employed by the OSS/SOE during WW2.  These carry quite a lot of point in a small package!


25% Smaller than the original SMALL ball spike

The balls are marine brass OR  Stainless Steel

Brass balls each exhibit a unique patina that grows deeper with time and carry.

Our spikes are hardened and Tempered A2 Tool Steel.

The sheath is machined Delrin OR Brass with a precision interference fit that allows the spike to ride snugly but deploy at will. The sheath features a lanyard hole and includes a length of black stainless steel ball chain (made in USA)


Note: Colored steel balls may vary in color from photo as each is unique this is also true of the patina on the marine brass balls.


 OAL W/ Sheath: 3.25"/8.26cm

Spike Length: - 2.25"/5.72cm

Pick Diameter: .187"/ .475cm

Ball Diameter: .5"/1.3cm

Package Weight: 1.2oz /34g